Sewing Machine Light

Item# ST-50
This item is currently out of stock!

The same ingenious people that make the NeckLites have come out with an awesome light for our sewing machines! Oh yeah!

It's actually two lights: one for the needle and one for the harp---that's the opening under the arm of the machine to the right of the needle.

Temporarily sold out. I expect more May 1st.

The Sewing Machine Light is even brighter than the NeckLite and, unlike other lights I've used, it takes up barely any room at all on your machine. Six TacDots™ let you position the two lights, switch, and wires out of the way and flush with the machine.

Follow the installation instructions that come with the light carefully. The back of the LED's and the TacDots stick like crazy, so plan ahead.

Limited Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.


"My sewing machine light arrived today. That put an end to whatever else I was going to do today because I just had to check it out. It provides fabulous light and just where I need it. I haven’t actually sewed anything since I put it on, but I just know it will be the best thing that has happened to my sewing room in a while. The “installation” process was easy. The only hard part was deciding just exactly the perfect location to place the light for the needle on my particular machine. I kept trying (with tape) until I found the place that allowed the maximum light to shine right down on the needle without any shadows. Perseverance paid off. It is in a good spot and out of the way of moving parts. Thank you so much for finding this for us. I know my daughter will admire it, so Santa may bring her one."

Ginger Hale
Granbury, TX